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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom - [ 2006 ]

! I just discovered this band and i was amazed ¡, This is an awesome Epic melodic metal band full of true heavy rhythms, great guitar solos and unbeliavable catchy Epic-anthem chorus, all the tracks are superb, if you like the early Hammerfall or Emerald Sun, this is your band.
Very good production, probably dont have one of the best singers of the style but anyway is a good singer, ultra melodic songs with a really great guitar work.
¡ A great discovery for me !



sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2009

Gotthard - Homerun - [ 2001 ]

For me this is his best record without doubt, a perfect Melodic AOR masterpiece with one of the best production work i have heard in my life. If you like the soft side of this guys probably you love this record, superb melody, true catchy songs and the voice of Steve Lee sounds better and with more feeling than ever. ¡ Totally classic !



Delirion - Silent Symphony - [ 2009 ]

¡ Power Metal is back !, Long been waiting for this album, This is a really great power release from this Spanish (With English lyrics) band. an album full of power, faster rhythms, strong vocal work, amazing huge keyboards,Heavy metal riffs, solid songs and a very good production, a perfect harmony between powerful and melody ¡ a totally nice surprise !
If you like Symphonic Power Metal or bands like Kamelot, Stratovarius, Freternia or Dark Moor, dont doubt, this is a really awesome album.
¡ Killer Debut !



jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Tribute To Classics

Saxon - Solid Ball Of Rock - [ Solid Ball Of Rock 1990 ]

A true Saxon´s anthem, the perfect Killer Hard Rock song, strong rhythm, metal riffs, thundering drums, powerful voice, awesome chorus and of course a really strong attitude.
¡ Rock or die !

Album Version, Here

Overland - Diamond Dealer - [ 2009 ]

¡ Another Melodic AOR Highlight of this year !, Steve (FM) Overland´s voice is brilliant as always and the whole thing sounds excellent, superb class melodies, a lot of feeling in every track, good melodic rhythmns, not as hard as FM but with the same passion, Mr.Overland is a guarantee of quality.

Train, Train


Alyson Avenue - Omega - [ 2004 ]

This is the previous band of Anette Olzon (Nightwish), a really great Melodic Hard AOR album with an amazing guitar work through the whole disc, ultra melodic lyrics with a lot of nice and catchy chorus, the production is very good like almost bands from sweden, if you like melodic rock with AOR touches and enjoy the female fronted bands this is one of the best, i was surprised and i like it more than the Anette job in Nightwish.
¡ A really very nice album to listen quietly !

Tonight Is All You Get


Hiroshima - s/t - [ 1989 ]

Back to Spanish 80´s Melodic AOR but this time with English Lyrics,¡ a totally magic album !, one of the best keyboard work i´ve heard in my life, a work full of passion, amazing melodic arrangements, great choruses, nice harmony and probably one of the best ballads ever made (Missing You).This is a Must have record for any fan of the style. ¡ Enjoy it !

Broken Heart


miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Vendetta - Heretic Nation - [ 2009 ]

¡ Wow !, What a surprise the second album from the british vendetta, ¿Do you like the cover?,The music inside is much better, this is a really great album, no orchestrations, no atmospheres, no Keyboards, no operistic parts, just true melodic metal, a perfect mix between the metal rhythms of Manowar and the European melodic metal style.
If you are seraching bloody screaming guitars, true metal riffs, pounding drums of hell, metalic bass lines, huge chorus, holy anthems of war and a passional vocal work, This is your Fuckin´album.
A totally very nice surprise, ¡ The vengeance begins now !

New Horizon


Hironobu Kageyama - Dead Or Dead - [ Saint Seiya Soundtrack 1986 ]

¡ Back to soundtracks !, This is a perfect true epic melodic anthem, amazing horse ride guitar rhythm, powerful vocal execution, Majestic Keyboards, destroyer drums of doom and of course a totally superb epic choruses.
¡ Pegasus flies again and never surrender !

Dead Or Dead

The song, Here

Michael Bolton - Soul Provider - [ 1989 ]

¡ Superb music masterpiece !, if you like good music you must have this record.
The incredible feeling of michael´s voice is amazing and the whole music taste surrounds all the tracks, songs like How am i supposed to live without you, When I´m back on my feet again or You wouldn´t Know love are a totally classic masterpieces.
¡ Check it out !

You Wouldn´t Know Love


Highest Dream - Far Away From Here - [ 2009 ]

80´s AOR style from this Brazilian Band, absolutely melodic with pomp keyboards, catchy soft rhythms, very nice vocal harmonies and magnificient huge choruses.
Nice is the word to describe this release.

Reach Higher


martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Dynazty - Bring The Thunder - [ 2009 ]

¡ Kick-Ass Melodic Hard Rock Album !, Don´t be scared for the poor cover, this is a perfect mix between the more melodic side of H.E.A.T and the guitar work of John Norum (Europe) or Ronni Le Tekro (TNT), absolute amazing guitar riffs, Thundering Rhythm section, destroyer catchy rhytms and a totally fuckin´awesome vocal work ( This guy Rock´s ).
If you call yourself a Melodic Hard Rocker, you simply can´t do without listen this release !
This album is one of the highlights of 2009, ¡ Get Ready because your head will explode !



David Bowie - Putting Out The Fire - [ Cat People Soundtrack 1982 ]

¿ David Bowie in this site ?, Why not ... if the song rock´s deserves to be here.
Excellent In-crescendo rocker track, deep and slow voice at the begining and fucking hard to kill rocker rhythm from the middle till the end, very catchy and superb lyrics.
¡ Get on your Harley, start the engine, feel the wind in your face and running down the highway !
This song burns like Hell.

Putting Out The Fire

The song, Here

Bert Heerink - Better Yet ... - [ 2009 ]

¡ Another comeback !, this time it´s the turn of Vandenberg Vocalist Bert Heerink, this is a really good Melodic Soft Rock album, with a clear production by Michael Voss (One more...) with a lot of emotion and quality in each song, very good tunes with catchy melodies and a really good vocal work. A very nice album to listen relaxed and enjoy it with a glass of wine...



Device - 22B3 - [ 1986 ]

¡ Let´s Back to the 80´s !. Do you remember the 80´s style soundtrack ? well, this is a perfect Hi-Tech/Lite AOR record, filled with magic huge keyboards, catchy rhythm´s, amazing drum sound and superb vocal melodies.Maybe if you like the hard edge of AOR don´t like this,but if you feel the music and the blood runs through your veins you love it because this is a real little gem.
A totally 80´s Masterpiece, ¡ come on, Move your body !

Hanging On A Heartattack


lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps - [ 2009 ]

Another great Melodic Hard Rock release from this year, Thomas Vikstrom voice is almost perfect, the production is clear and strong and has a lot of very good catchy tunes and good musicanship .
A strong Melodic album that grows on you listen after listen.

What About Us


Mr.Big - Lean Into It - [ 1991 ]

¡ Classic !, probably the best studio album of this megaband, great production, huge sound and perfect songs from the first till the end.
Eric Martin sings wonderfully and the duo gilbert-Sheehan show us who kind of guys they are playing, this is just Hard Rock to the bone.
The perfect example of superb musicality meeting perfect songwriting.
¡ This album Rock´s !

Daddy,Brother,Lover,Little Boy


Strangeways - Native Sons - [ 1987 ]

This is a killer Melodic AOR album and The singer Terry Brock is probably one of the top five vocalist ever made (This man has the power and passion in her throat), superb class songs, excellent production, destroyer highlight rhythms, awesome melodies, amazing vocal harmonies and unbelievable choruses, every track is a perfect hit, a true classic.
with no doubt one of the best records of all time, If you like music you must have this right now.

Empty Streets


domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Richard Marx - Repeat Offender - [ 1989 ]

Pretty good Soft-Rock album and one of the finest voices of all times at least for me, great songs, excellent sound and amazing collaborations in here, dont expect hard songs, simply good music.

Right Here Waiting


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

Crash The System - The Crowning - [ 2009 ]

Back to normal albums, this is one of the surprises of the year, a solid Melodic Hard release, with the colaboration of Fuckin´ Masters of the style like Goran Edman, Mats Leven or Thomas Vikstrom, a hundred percent explosive combination.
What can i say, just listen and let your feelings fly.

Fight Fire With Fire


Eric Martin - Power Rangers Theme - [ Power Rangers Soundtrack 1995 ]

A perfect Melodic hit cover from the series, this is exclusive for the movie, sure that you know the song, but probably you never hear this amazing version.
Great melody and perfect vocal work by Eric Martin(Mr.Big).
Enjoy, and Remember ¡ Go Go Power Rangers ¡

Power Rangers Theme

The Song, Here

Romeo´s Daughter - s/t - [ 1988 ]

Wonderful AOR album, typical late 80´s style, great production, excellent voice of Leigh Matty and of course an amazing songs, Melodic to the bone, guitars that surrounds you, Magic keyboards, this is a Must Have album.
Listen this unbelievable song and tell me what do you think.

I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night


Tribute To Classics

Cher - Perfection - [ Cher s/t 1987 ]

This is a similar case of Michael Bolton, now Cher is a dance diva, but in the 80´s she made a great Melodic AOR albums, just see this amazing live show of her song Perfection, perfect rhythm, great guitars, strong voice, powerful chorus lines, a totally 80´s style classic song.
! Awesome live performance ¡

AOR Soundtracks - Dragon Ball Z 1989 -

!AOR Freak time¡, I know that this is not exactly AOR music, but has the same feeling, at least for me.This is a 5 track compilation( Two Originals and Three Versions) from the Dragon Ball Z era, you can find inside the original Japanese opening and the Catalan version, also the amazing song "Once We Were Angels" in japanese, English and an awesome version in Spanish.
Don´t doubt it, there are a great melodic songs here.

We Were Angels


viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Robin Zander - In This Country - [ Over The Top Soundtrack 1987 ]

Another Highlight track from a 80´s Soundtrack,a perfect powerful and emotional AOR ballad from this Stallone´s movie, great vocal job from Robin Zander and an awesome and catchy melody all over the track.
! Enjoy ¡

In This Country

The Song, Here

PowerWolf - Bible Of The Beast - [ 2009 ]

Third album of this German band, A strong Dark power metal with symphonic and orchestral touches and darker lyrics, very good production, clear and amazing sound, a really very original band with a lot of epical catchy choruses and superb harmonies, this is really not my style but this album is very interesting to listen, ¡ give it a chance !

Raise your fist evangelist


Marshall Monroe - Lujo Y Pasion - [ 1987 ]

Great Spanish Melodic Rock album, a record filled with great melodies, excellent vocal harmonies and superb song rhythm´s.
An old record but with very good sound and of course amazing songs, if you like Spanish bands with Spanish lyrics, don´t miss it.


Link/Lujo y Pasion

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Tabü - Ven A Mi - [ 2008 ]

Good release from this Melodic Rock With AOR touches band from Barcelona,they practice a 80´s Spanish Melodic style, catchy rhythm´s, powerful guitar riffs, strong melodies and above all a great feelings in every track, if you like spanish bands like Sangre Azul, Satira or Beethoven R, this is your band.
You can download the album free song after song from their site.



Tower City - A Little Bit Of Fire - [ 1996 ]

Very good Melodic Rock Cd from this United States band, is basically a mix between "Adrenalized" era-Leppard and early Harem Scarem with a little Bon Jovi commercialness, great vocals, multi-track guitar sounds, good production and of course catchy chorus.
¡ Don´t miss it !

Talking To Sarah


AOR Soundtracks - Tv Series & Games Volumen.1 -

¡ Today is a Soundtrack day !, This is a self compilation of a few of the best AOR and Melodic tracks from a great series and games i saw and played in my youth, I like specially the Spanish version of the Opening from Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball GT "Solo ya no quiero estar" is a really sample of what is the Spanish AOR style too. ¡ I hope you enjoy it as much as i !

Slam Dunk - Spanish Opening -


AOR Soundtracks - Galaxy Rangers 1986/1989 -

A 6 track compilation of this great animated serie from the 80´s. you probably know the "No guts, No glory" hit, but inside there is a lot of very good Melodic AOR tunes, Just check it out the Myles Hunter song "Somewhere A Heart" or the unbelievable Steve Overland from FM track "Rangers Are Forever" and tell me what do you think.
Great serie and great soundtrack.

Somewhere A Heart


The Lightseekers - Flying Free - [ 2009 ]

A French new band by Gus Monsanto, strong songwriting and stellar lead guitarwork mark the album out as something very special indeed.
Really very good Melodic Rock band with a lot of good songs, great production and excellent execution. ¡ A band to watch, no question !.

Wind Of Change

Here, The album

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Nation - Fall Of An Empire - [ 1995 ]

¡ What a Great Album !, ¿ Remember the best times of Yngwie Malmsteen ?, This is much better.
An amazing Neoclassical Melodic Metal, great songs with awesome melodies, superb chorus, very good voice and a true guitar hero, just listen the guitar work all over the songs, its simply unbelievable, constant change of rhythmns, perfect heavy riffs, thundering drums, extremely clean and thecnical guitars,soaring vocals,huge double kick drum and bass...
Incredible Band and amazing record, ¡ you must have this !.Don´t be afraid for the cover, this is one of the best bands i ever heard in my life.

Hang Him High


Mob Rules - Ethnolution A.D - [ 2006 ]

Excellent melodic metal album, a perfect balance between Melodic, Progressive, Symphonic and Technical metal.
An album full of very good details in his songs, a colorful compositions with nicely lyricism and heavy guitar rythmns, very good talented musicians.
If you like Melodic Metal don´t miss.

Unholy War


Ray Stevens - Cat´s Eye - [ Cat´s Eye Soundtrack 1985 ]

¡ Back to 80´s AOR soundtracks !, An amazing song with awesome keyboard work, superb rhythm and a very true 80´s catchy chorus.
Another incredible jewel.

Cat´s Eye

The song, Here.

Deskarga - Vino Del Sur - [ 1999 ]

A great Melodic Rock album by this band from Peru, Spanish lyrics, very good harmonies and melodies, beauty and nice vocal work and above all a very good songs, the production could be better but anyway, sounds very well.
If you like bands like Sangre Azul, Coda or Tercer Acto, ¡ Check it out !



Blanc Faces - Falling From The Moon - [ 2009 ]

Second album from the French combo, a really fantastic AOR record, the amazing production was in the hands of Frontiers home producer Dennis Ward ( Pink Cream 69 ) and that accounts from a crystal clear sound, nice melodies and great and catchy chorus are his trademark, One of the best Melodic AOR releases of the year, without doubt.

I Come Alive


martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Work Of Art - Artwork - [ 2008 ]

¡ True 2008 highlight !, Old style Melodic AOR sound, great melodies, awesome and catchy chorus, perfect production, anyone who likes this style must have.
A complete jewel, Love Lyrics and Melodic to the bone.

Why Do I


Joe Lynn Turner - Rescue You - [ 1985 ]

! Time to return to Hard/AOR ¡, Excellent stuff from this great voice, tipically 80´s style but one of the best, great songs, huge keyboards, strong melodies and a powerful vocals, with no doubt one of the best Hard/AOR albums ever and probably the best from Joe Lynn turner.
¡ Don´t miss it !



Negative - Karma Killer - [ 2008 ]

A great Hard with Gothic/Pop touches album from this Finnish band, the sound of this album is delicious and the lower frequencies flow out of the speakers, the songs have a great guitar riffs and choruses, the voice of Jonne Aaron is so clear and good, the band sounds like Him but without the Fuckin´boring tragedy of these, sound much better than these.

Wont Let Go


lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Jaded Heart - Perfect Insanity - [ 2009 ]

¡ What a killer album !, finally change at all their melodic touch of Bormann era, they have gradually stepped into a heavy sound and with this record the transformation is complete.
¿ What you find here ?, Strong speed metal riffs, true rhythmn´s, pounding drums, killer hooks for the choruses, screaming voices and above all very catchy songs.
I prefer the Bormann era, but i recognize that this is a very powerful Melodic metal album.

Love Is A Killer


domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Tim Capello - I Still Believe - [ The Lost Boys Soundtrack 1987 ]

Another AOR soundtrack highlight from the 80´s.
a very good song, with a great sax solo and powerful rythm, catchy melody and clear and awesome voice performance by Mr. Capello.
¡ A jewel to remember !

Download the song.

Hardline - Leaving The End Open - [ 2009 ]

There are albums that win your positive opinion from the very start and albums that need time,"Leaving The End Open" belongs to the second category, but after a few listens this album wins a lot, sweet melodies, rocking guitars, perfect production, amazing vocal work by Johnny Gioeli and a very solid compositions.
Perhaps the expectation for this comeback was too high after the little deception of "II", maybe is not what i´ve expect but after listen the whole disc a couple ot times i have to say that this is a great Hard Rocker record.
Better day by day.

In This Moment


Love Songs

Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - [ Brigade 1990 ]

Excellent ballad, one of the best of all times, incredible melody all over the track, perfect rythm, superb hard lyrics and a true great performance of the beautiful and amazing Ann Wilson.
A masterpiece Melodic AOR love song, If you don´t know, just push play and fall in love.
¡ A true love anthem !

The Song, Here.

Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire... And Then Some - [ 2008 ]

¿ Something to say ? ... I don´t think so, One of the best new Melodic Hard Rock bands, everybody already know.
This is an EP from her second album "Heart Full Of Fire" and contains the title track with a remix version, the beautiful unreleased ballad Two Hearts and the covers of Hungry for heaven of Dio and Myghty Wings From Top Gun Soundtrack.

Hungry For Heaven ( Dio Cover )


Sunstorm - House Of Dreams - [ 2009 ]

Another Kick-Ass Release from this year, this album is filled by sweet ballads and lofty uptempo tracks, the production is pretty high, a lot of good keyboard work strong guitar rythmns and superb work of the great Joe lynn Turner on vocals.
An album absolutely delicious, addictive and beautifully created, an AOR album that any fan of the genre should be eager to experience.

House Of Dreams


sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

John Parr - Restless Heart - [ The Running Man Soundtrack 1987 ]

Another great Melodic AOR track from a movie, very good slowly rythm, perfect vocal performance from John Parr and a great and catchy chorus line.
¡ 80´s highlight style !

The song, Here.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

FM - Aphrodisiac - [ 1992 ]

Pretty good AOR album with Melodic Rock and bluesy touches, absolutely awesome sound and some great tracks here, "Breath Fire" is a cool Hard Rocker song, "Closer To Heaven" is probably on of the finest and most azmazing ballads i ever hear and "All Or Nothing" is a true Melodic Hard Power Anthem.
And if we speak of wonders we must talk about the singer, the one and only Steve Overland, his voice and his interpretation of the themes is always unbelievable, very solid production, good songs, excellent band and magnificient vocal work.
¡ A true classic !

All Or Nothing


Love Songs

Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - [ Brigade 1990 ]

One of the best love songs of all time, the performance of Ann Wilson singing this song is a perfect balance of passion, courage and strenght

Dark Empire - Humanity Dethroned - [ 2008 ]

This is the first post i do of Heavy/Power Metal but not the last, this band sound is amazing, a mix between Blind Guardian, Lost Horizon and Nevermore or any other "Hard-Thrash-strong-power band".
This is a great melodic with some epic power choruses album, very heavy with strong thrashy riffs, the production is so clear and very good and the voice of Jens Carlsson (Persuader, Savage Circus) is just unbelievable.
One of the best Metal releases of the last year with pure hits, and high musical level.
¡ If you like this style will not disappoint you !

Eyes Of Defiance


Tribute To Classics

Royal Hunt - 1348 - [ 1996 ]

A true abolutely amazing song, live version is much better than studio version of course ...
a perfect guitar execution, awesome keyboard work, great catchy chorus and totally fuckin´unbelievable performance by D.C Copper (¡ Look at that pose after the first chorus ! ), Probably one of the best live albums ever made, a true classic that comes to Melodic Heaven.
¡ He deserves to be here !

"1348", Here.

Mark Free - Long Way From Love - [ 1993 ]

No matter what i say about this record, only you have to hear mark´s voice (Marcie now) to judge the quality of this album.
One of the 10 best albums of history and one of the 10 best singers too, if not the best.
The production quality, sound, lyrics and above all the vocal interpretation are superhuman.
Mark sings in a very expressive and emotional way that makes you feel incredible, you only need listen the song "Long Way From Love" to feel the tragedy and passion in his voice, probably the best singer/performer of all times.
The album is filled with beautiful melodic romantic AOR songs, highlight a song would detract the rest, all are simply perfect.

Long Way From Love

State Of Love (With Diana DeWitt)


jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Marietta - Thunder & Lightning - [ Fire, Ice & Dynamite Soundtrack 1990 ]

A perfect song of European Hi-Tech AOR/Pop, Marietta has a very clear and expressive voice and the whole track has an In-Crescendo "Come on, Move On" rythm, awesome song to recharge the batteries, the voice, the sound, the lyrics and the tempo are just incredible.

! The Track, Here ¡

Tribute To Classics

Michael Bolton - Time, Love & Tenderness - [ Time, Love & Tenderness 1991 ]

I know that Michael Bolton sings soul and R&B now, but early in his career he plays a really good Melodic AOR almost always, this is a good sample of what i say, a very catchy song with beautiful vocals and a superb rythm, a true classic.
¡ Check it out !

¿ What do you think ?


Cooper Inc. - Pulling The Trigger - [ 2009 ]

One more excellent Melodic Hard Rock release of this year, the production is a job of Michael Voss ( Casanova, Mad Max, Voices Of Rock... ) Imagine, perfect sound, great guitars, very solid chorus and catchy hooks always with punch, melody and a lot of energy.
There are a few special guests inside like Doug Aldrich ( Whitesnake ) and Vinny Burns ( Dare, Ten ), Great Hard/AOR album.