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martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Iron Mask - Shadow Of The Red Baron - [2009]

¡ Fuckin´punch in the face Metal release !, I really love this band, a perfect mix between melodies and the stronger side of the power metal, an album absolutely filled with hard rhythms, great Dushan petrossi´s guitar solos, thundering drums and a masterclass vocal work, this singer is a total ruler of the style, if you like the power metal and the guitar heroes you must have this album, absolutely recommended.



Krusader - Angus - [2009]

¡ Absolute amazing Epic Melodic Symphonic/Power Metal release !, this is a concept album based on the Brazilian Saga Angus, high class production, with a lot of colaborations like Floor Jansen (After Forever), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Andre Matos (Shaman) or Edu Falaschi (Angra).
you can find inside a great melodic metal with orchestral arrangements, faster songs, strong epic rhythms, perfect vocal work and superb majestic songs, if you like Rhapsody Of Fire or Kamelot you probably love this album, a total surprise for me.



lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Forgotten Tales - All The Sinners - [2004]

¡ Great Fantasy Power Metal release Fom this Canadian Female fronted band !, they play a very catchy and progressive kind of power metal with great skill and great melodies.
an album filled with awesome keyboard and guitar solos, constant change of rhythms with rhythmic and extremely variated drumming and of course a very nice vocal work, the voice of the singer is not the typical operatic female voice, she´s got the power on his throat, perfect voice for power metal.¡ great work !

Wind Oh Wind


jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

Emerald Sun - Escape From Twilight - [ 2007 ]

¡ Ultra catchy greek power metal band !, this release is totally fuckin´ awesome, if you like the earlier helloween sound, you probably love this band.
Amazing guitar riffs and solos, powerful rhythm section and incredible fantasy keyboards and melodies, a lot of true power guitar rhythms and one of a hell singer,¡ this man is unbelievable !
he is like a Michael Kiske´s clon. One of my favorites bands and albums of the style without doubt.

Escape From Twilight


sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2009

AOR Soundtracks - Overnight Success - [ 1985 ]

This was originally made for the commercial of Sonny´s cassette tapes only in Japan, then becoming an entire album, you can find here an absolute amazing AOR poppy/Hi-tech dancing songs full of rhythms, catchy melodies, great hooks and the pretty nice voice and feeling of Teri DeSario.
A little 80´s AOR gem. ¿ Are you ready to move your body ?

Overnight Success


Fahrenheit - Talking ´Bout Love - [ 1989 ]

¡ Another AOR jewel !, very good release, a little bit soft but with a really impressive bunch of songs and a singer that has a cristal clear and superb voice, amazing catchy melodies, awesome tracks with a real AOR vibe and a great hooks and above all a strong perfect sound production. !An absolute classic album¡

Talking ´Bout Love


Bad Medicine - Breakin´ Down - [ 2008 ]

This is a 2 track single from a new Greece Melodic Hard Rock band, they are very influenced by earlier Bon Jovi mixed by European Scandi style. Good catchy rhythms and nice sound, I hope that they can make an entire album very soon.¡ Great expectation !



viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve & Other Stories - [ 1996 ]

¡ It´s Christmas time !, This is the side project of Savatage guys, for those who love theatrical music or the combination of Heavy Metal and Classical music, who also love to get into the christmas spirit ... Trans-Siberian Orchestra is THE band.
You find here amazing metal adaptations of classical christmas music, excellent melodies, superb atmospheres, great hooks and a pretty good songwriting, always with the same quality as Savatage. ¡ Santa Claus is coming to town !

Oh, Holy Night


AOR Soundtracks - Friday 13th Part VII - [1988]

¡ Let´s back to Crystal Lake !, this is not the entire soundtrack, just the FM collaboration (4 Tracks) for the saga. FM quality is well know for al AOR fans so you know what you find here, just great 80´s style AOR tracks with nice hooks, catchy rhythms and of course a superb voice.
¡ Welcome to your nightmare !

Take The Time To Dream


Dunedain - Buscando El Norte Parte II - [ 2009 ]

¡ The same quality as the first part !, if you heard the first part you know what you´ll find here, ultra catchy melodic choruses, great hooks, strong sound, nice lyrics, etc, etc ...
If you like Spanish metal bands like Red Wine, Sphinx, Avalanch or Warcry you must have this.
¡ One of the best Spanish metal releases of this year !

Fiel A Mi Libertad


Dunedain - Buscando El Norte Parte I - [ 2009 ]

¡ Back to Spanish Heavy/Power Metal !, this is a really good release, a record that consists in two parts, both for free download on her page. Typical Spanish power with great production(Self-produced), really nice melodies, constant change rhythms, strong guitar riffs, good songwriting work and a great singer with a lot of feeling.
¡ Strong release and free !

Una Razon


jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

Dark Illusion - Where The Eagles Fly - [ 2009 ]

Dark Illusion plays traditional Melodic Power Metal that reminds bands like HammerFall or early At Vance, the music is absolutely not original or renewing, but the band has definitely managed to deliver a couple of convincing songs and the both instrumentally and vocally (Thomas Vikstrom) sings are in good condition, the powerful production and the strong rhythms also proves that these guys are in the right direction to be a great metal band.

Dark Journey


Icon - Night Of The Crime - [ 1985 ]

¡ One of the true gems of 80´s AOR !, with a great production, excellent songwriting and superb vocals. the guitar work is amazing and the keyboards melodies are just unbelievable, with an awesome catchy choruses and rhythms too. this is a real underrated band, fantastic release.
¡ If you really like AOR, you need listen this now !

Naked Eyes


Perfect Selection - Dracula Battle - [ 1994 ]

¿ Do you remember the Castlevania Videogame ?, here you will find the songs from the game but in Heavy Metal style, is an instrumental album but not boring, full of riffs, superb gothic keyboards, good melodies, guitar solos and strong hooks, arranged and performed by Naoto Shibata project ¡ It´s time to hunt vampires !

Bloody Tears


AOR Soundtracks - Friday 13th Part VI - [ 1986 ]

This is a 3 track compilation from the VI chapter of the Friday 13th terror saga, typical 80´s soundtrack songs with a lot of feeling, good rhythms and arrangements. Contains two songs from Alice Cooper and one from Felony. ¡ attention to the high class superhit "He´s Back (The Man Behind The Mask", a totally fuckin´ awesome track.

Alice Cooper - He´s Back(The Man Behind The Mask) -


Alhambra - Fadista - [ 2008 ]

Japanese Power Metal band, unfortunately the lyrics are in japanese so i have no idea what they are singing about, but this is some seriously good power release.
The sound production is clear and clean, the guitar work is really great, the keyboard sounds amazing and the high pitch voice of the female singer Junko Sera is pretty good too.
Strong melodies, nice hooks, riding horse guitar rhythms and a great Anime touch, this is really a strong album, liked especially to the fans of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica or his fellows Galneryus. ¡ Metal from the rising sun is here !



AOR Soundtracks - Navy Seals - [ 1990 ]

Excellent Melodic Hard/AOR soundtrack, A collection of 10 really great tracks from hard tunes to ballads and mid-tempos, insdie you can find bands like Bon Jovi, Mr.Big, Planet 3, Lou Gramm (Foreigner) or Lisa Hartman. No bad songs, only hits with the 80´s soundtrack feeling.
One of the finest melodic sondtracks ever, ¡ Great movie, superb soundtrack !, Enjoy.

Mr.Big - Strike Like Lightning -


Magic Kingdom - Metallic Tragedy - [ 2004 ]

Great Epic fantasy Power Metal release, an album filled with faster lightning guitar and keyboard solos, thundering pedal to the metal drums, epic melodies, ultra catchy choruses, power anthem rhythms and a powerful voice of Max Leclerq, Dushan Petrossi guitar work is excellent (Riffs never stop/Riffs never die), the singer Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) plays on two tracks and make chorus all over the album, if you like bands like Yngwie Malmsteen, Rhapsody Of Fire or Dark Moor don´t doubt, ¡ you will love this album !
One of the best power metal works of the last years.

Child Of The Nile


miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Alien - s/t - [ 1988 ]

Another AOR high class record, here you can find great scandi AOR melodies, excellent chorus lines, a superb guitar work, a lot of feeling, amazing hooks and of course the totally fuckin´awesome voice of Jim Jidhed, one of the finest singers of the style.
Passion blinded me, but this is only because this album is really great. do not worry for the poor cover, if you like the AOR and still have not hear this album what you find inside drives you wild sure.
¡ A must-have classic !

Tears Don´t Put Out The Fire


Ark Storm - Beginning Of The New Legend - [ 2003 ]

Ark Storm is a Japanese band that plays Neo-Classical metal in the style like Space Odyssey or Yngwie Malmsteen, Rising Force Especially.
Nothing new in the horizon, they plays all the cliches of the genre, but they do pretty well, you know, harmonics, arpeggios, classical speed guitar rhythms, double guitar and keyboard solos, melodic vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and faster songs, the pronunciation of the singer could be better but he sings quite well.
¡ if you like Neoclassical, this is a band to follow !

Ark Storm


Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts - [ 2009 ]

¡ Post dedicated to Chewa !
Well, I don´t really like Thrash, Death, Brutal Metal and similar styles but my friend Chewa told me to hang a release of the style for him, so here is...
The truth is that the record is not really bad, if they have another type of singer could be a great album, but in this case the voice is too harsh like the singers of Children Of Bodom or In Flames but worse.
In order, you can find inside basically a Power Metal with Thrash, Death and Black elements, good Viking atmospheric keyboards with a lot of battle rhythms, war melodies, strong metal guitar riffs and a burning rhythm section.
An album especially interesting for the orchestral and majestic atmospheres of the songs, if you don´t like the style probably get bored after the first listening.
Ale, ya tienes tu disco ¡ Disfruta Mamon !

Battle Upon The Arctic Plains


Gary Hughes - Strength Of Heart - [ 1990 ]

Incredible charming AOR album, Gary Hughes write songs like nobody else, he has a lot of passion songwriting and a lot of feeling singing too, an album filled with great melodies, superb emotional vocal harmonies, amazing catchy rhythms and melodic choruses, nice production and excellent songs, this is a true AOR classic.
¡ Highly recommended , Killer Release !

Only True Love Lasts Forever


martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Riot - Shine On (Live In Japan) - [ 1998 ]

This live album is a high speed listen from start to finish, filled with highlight moments, a really masterclass drum work by Bobby Jarzombek, excellent dueling guitar solos, absolutely power and soulful vocals of Mike Dimeo, thundering Melodic Metal speed rhythms and of course a true Riot´s calssic songs, always with a lot of strenght, melody, attitude and feeling.



AOR Soundtracks - Volumen 1 -

First volumen of a self compilation of a AOR Soundtracks, a pretty nice 14 tracks from the movies of the 80´s and 90´s, a bunch of Melodic Hard and AOR calssic songs, great compositions with great arrangements and rhythms from films like Beverly Hills Cop II, Fire Ice & Dynamite, Scarface or Teen Wolf among others.

Trust - Highlander II -

Stand On Your Own - No Retreat No Surrender -


Manigance - Ange Ou Démon - [ 2002 ]

¡ Absolute Amazing Band and an awesome release !, an album full of power, extremely high velocity power riffs, thundering rhythm section, powerful singer, superb catchy melodic choruses and pretty good songwriting, Don´t worry for the French lyrics, is a perfect language for this kind of music.
Now that the power is almost dead should return to the classics to remember the greatness of the style. ¡ Fasten your seats belt !



Halestorm - s/t - [ 2009 ]

¡ Strong female fronted band !, a mix between American Hard Rock and Modern Rock, an album with great and powerful guitar riffs, strong rhythms, a solid drum and bass section, clean and clear sound production and an excellent vocal work of Lizzy Hale, a singer full of feeling and rage.
Usually i don´t like this kind of bands, but with this guys i was positively surprised.

I Get Off


lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Michael Morales - s/t - [ 1989 ]

¡ AOR jewel !, an almost perfect AOR album, the voice of Michael sounds great, the production is clear and awesome, pretty good songs, excellent arrangements, beautiful melodies, and a really catchy chorus. if you like old style you need to listen this.
A true classic record.



Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock - [ 2008 ]

One of the best releases of Melodic Hard Rock of the lasts years, unbelievable energy, strong guitars, excellent vocals, and very good songs with great melodies and choruses.
An absolutely brilliant stuff, if you call yourself Melodic fan you must have this record.
¿ Are you ready to rock ?

Breaking My Heart Again


After Forever - s/t - [ 2007 ]

Great Symphonic Melodic metal, an album filled with heavy guitars, catchy rhythms, great choruses, superb melodies, awesome keyboards and above all an excellent vocal work and execution by Floor Jansen, an absolute amazing singer. If you like this kind of bands dont doubt, and if you don´t like, give them a chance, sure that they really surprised you.



sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

True Love - Only True Love Lasts Forever -

This is a self-compilation of some of my favorite ballads of all times of Melodic Hard and AOR , I hope that you enjoy as much as i and remember, ¡ Only true love lasts forever !

Red Dawn - Take These Chains -


viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Pathfinder - The Beginning - [ Demo 2008 ]

This is a 4 track demo from this Poland band, they practice an Epic-Fantasy-Power Metal, a mini-ep with really faster guitars, thundering drums, speed solos, great sound, fantasy melodies and choruses and a nice singer, for fans of Rhapsody Of Fire, Dragonforce or any good Epic Power Metal band of the last 90´s.¡ Very interesting band !
In her Myspace you can find a great cover of Mike Oldfield´s Moonlight Shadow.

The Whisper Of Ancient Rocks


Eternal Flame - King Of The King - [ 2002 ]

Great unknow album, inspired by the style of 80´s and 90´s (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purle, Nation). A release full of hard guitar riffs with solos and powerful hard rock vocals and Keyboards, good songs and an amazing power ballad (Bridge To Your Heart), the way of singing reminds me to Jeff Scott Soto. anyway ... A great underrated Heavy Metal album, at least for me.

Hold On


Serenity - Fallen Sanctuary - [ 2008 ]

Great example of Symphonic Power Metal, This band performs their music professionaly and delivers Melodic Heavy Metal, even progressive at times, full of melody, strong guitar riffs and symphonic orchestral parts.
Strong clear production, great songs and a very nice voice, if you like bands like Kamelot, probably you like it.

Rust Of Coming Ages


Hevisaurus - Jurahevin Kuninkaat - [ 2009 ]

¡ Probably you think that this is a joke ! but not, they are the Finnish version of the Teletubbies.
Is a band formed to entertain and teach children, but dont be scared, there is a lot of quality here, a lot of Metal people are involved in this project, names like Mirka Rantanen and Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone), Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas).
Dont Think that this is a music for children, this is a really great Heavy/Power Release, if there is anything that dont really like in here is that the lyrics are in Finnish, the rest are a true guitar riffs, catchy rhythms and choruses, superb melodies and a perfect execution and production.
A very Rare and original release ¡ Give them a chance !

Jurahenin Kuninkaat


jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

AOR Soundtracks - Sonic The Hedgehog 1993 -

This is a 6 track compilation of Sonic The animated series, featured by Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Tony Harnell (TNT), here you can find a collection of Melodic Rock/Pop songs, Not the typical Hard songs, but never mind, the songs are very funny and faster. An original and very rare tunes.
¡ Enjoy !

We Can


Free Spirit - Pale Sister Of Light - [ 2009 ]

Another quality band who emerge from Finland, excellent playing with some great harmonies and keys especially note with superb hooky emotional choruses, amazing production as always in Finland, prety good singer and great Melodic Hard tunes.¡ A jewel to discover !

Pale Sister Of Light


Valentine - Soul Salvation - [ 2008 ]

¡ Far away from their first release !, this is a great Melodic AOR comeback, the voice and the vocal work of Hugo is great as always, an album filled with a great songs, pretty good production, superb melodic rhythms and excellent and catchy chorus lines, for people who likes 80´s AOR style.

Everytime You Go Away


miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Strangeways - Walk In The Fire - [ 1989 ]

¡ Let´s back to AOR !, This is one of the Top 3 best albums of all times, if not the best.
The songs, the amazing sound, the musicianship, the hooks, the harmonies, the vibe, the feeling, the unbelievable Out Of This World vocalist Terry Brock, this album have all the elements to be a music masterpiece.
An awesome performance song after song, one of the finest productions ever, the passion, feeling and the strenght of Terry brock is just fuckin´incredible. Every song is a high class and emotional hit. A really perfect AOR release, totally classic, words can´t describe how good is this album.
¡ I doubt that one day will make a record as good as this !
If you like the Melodic AOR this is a Must buy.

After The Hurt Is Gone


Keldian - Journey Of Souls - [ 2008 ]

¡ Wow ! this Norwegian band really surprised me, this is an awesome mix between Symphonic/Power/Melodic and a soundtrack/cinematic songwriting, always with a lot of melodies and vocal harmonies, catchy power melodic rhythms, celestial female choruses and above all a strong clear production.
¡ Just listen the song Memento Mori and enjoy the feeling of this Epic in-crescendo track, look at the atmospheric guitar and keyboard solo´s at the middle of the song, ¡ simply amazing !

Memento Mori


Dignity - Project Destiny - [ 2008 ]

A really pretty good Melodic Hard Band with Power touches, Crystal clear modern sound and production, Hard rock guitar riffs, songs full of melody, catchy refrains and a brilliant vocalist, whose performance sometimes reaches power metal levels.
¡ This is a really original release !.

Inner Circle Sympathy


martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

Treat - Dreamhunter - [ 1987 ]

A real masterpiece of Melodic Hard Rock, all the song are simply beautiful and Robert Ernlund is a top class singer. The guitars dominate the mix instead of the keyboards, giving the album a true Hard Rock edge, the hooks are simply huge and the choruses, with their stacked backing vocals are catchy as hell. ¡ Only hits inside this record !



Seventh Key - Live In Atlanta - [ 2005 ]

With two excellent studio albums under there belts, along comes this very good live Melodic AOR album, perfect quality it is as well, featuring most of the key tracks from the studio counterparts, Mike Slamer makes a perfect guitar execution,the voice of Billy Greer sounds superb and with a lot of feeling and the suport of Terry Brock is excellent too.
an amazing live performance with a lot of passion and awesome songs.
¡ Listen and Enjoy the feeling of this song !

It Should Have Been You


lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009

Hardreams - The Road Goes On ... - [ 2008 ]

¡ Absolute amazing Melodic Hard Rock band from Spain with English lyrics !, Excellent production, catchy melodies, awesome riffs, superb vocal interpretation with feeling and passion, This is an absolute sleeper, if you don´t know this band dont doubt, this is a fuckin´great melodic band.
If you dont believe me, just listen this unbelievable mid-tempo "My Last Desire", a true high class track.

My Last Desire


Cinderella - Still Climbing - [ 1994 ]

¡ Hard Rock to the bone !, Excellent release from Tom Keifer and company, superb songwriting, sharp guitars, amazing rhythm section, a lot of 80´s hard/glam attitude, strong songs and of course a perfect vocal execution by Mr.Keifer.
An underrated album, for me this is a masterclass work ¡ absolutely recomended ¡

Talk Is Cheap


Cain´s Offering - Gather The Faithful - [ 2009 ]

This is probably the best Melodic Power Metal album in a long time, a great project with Jani Liimatainen (Sonata Arctica) and Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius). Perfect sound as always in the Finnish Bands, a perfect mix between faster songs and hard mid-tempo melodies, catchy chorus, good songwriting and AOR touches, a really pretty good album, if you are a little bit bored with the last power releases dont worry, this is a superb comeback to the best power times. ¡ Check it out !.

My Queen Of Winter


domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Outloud - We´ll Rock You To Hell And Back Again - [ 2009 ]

¡ Another Great, bombastic Melodic Hard Highlight from this year !, One more time a perfect production, amazing songs with probably one of the hits of 2009 (We Run), great vocal work, strong melodies, superb melodic rhythms, thundering drums, awesome guitar riffs.
One of the best newcomers of the year, ¡ don´t doubt, this band will kick your ass !

We Run


viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire - [ 2009 ]

¡ Amazing 2009 Highlight !, Unbelievable Melodic Hard AOR album, the vocal work of Michael Kiske (Helloween) sounds extremely perfect, passional and full of feeling, the external songwriters had a very good job, the production of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) is almost perfect and the songs are totally superb, high class catchy melodies and harmonies, awesome choruses, an album highly recommended for all who love that music.
¡ True Classic !

Surrender Your Soul


Hartmann - 3 - [ 2009 ]

Third studio album from Oliver Hartmann (At Vance), more oriented to Modern or Normal Rock than the other two but still yet melodic and with great tunes.
As always the voice of Oliver is filled with passion, feeling, energy and melody. Nice release from one of the greatest singers of the style at least for me.



Carmen Gray - Welcome To Grayland - [ 2008 ]

Second release from the band, a mix between Modern Hard Rock and Gothic Rock.Very solid songs with a great production, good voice, nice guitar work and great rhythms.
For fans of Modern Hard like Negative or Takida.

At The End Of The Rainbow