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jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

Make Up - Born To Be Hard - [1985]

¡ Excellent stuff from this Japanese band !, great Melodic Hard with AOR touches album, filled with lots of superb keys, amazing and melodic melodies, soft powerful guitars, feeling , great vibes, hooks and a nice voice, by the way... the lyrics are in Japanese. ¡ Classic Old Release !

Rainy Road


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Dream Evil - In The Night - [2010]

This album contains a bunch of catchy Heavy/Power Metal tunes, filled with good riffing, Thundering drums, anthem choruses and powerful vocal work, of course with a perfect sound production, maybe not so good as i expect, but this is a respectable metal album, if you like the style sure that you enjoy, if you don´t like power, don´t bother, there´s nothing new in here.

The Ballad


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miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Bob Catley - Immortal - [2008]

Amazing Epic Melodic Hard Rock album, one of the best works of catley, an almost immortal album, great epic rhythms, powerful voice as always, strong production and of course a very catchy and full of feeling songs. ¡ Warrior, Immortal, Majestic, Epic... !, welcome to the world of fantasy, myth and magic !.

Dreamers Unite


Atlantic - Power - [1994]

¡ Another AOR classic release !, if you like the style you must have this one, an album plenty of superb keys, great harmonies, and strong catchy melodies and choruses, one of the last AOR classic style releases. ¡ very recommended !.

Power Over Me


martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Terry Brock - Back To Eden - [2001]

¡ Masterpiece !, The only bad thing of this album is the poor cover art, the rest is simply amazing, strong soft melodic AOR anthems, great catchy songs, superb chorus, amazing vibes and an unbelievable feeling in every track, without forget the most important, Terry´s voice, probably one of the best singers of all times, if not the best, he has power, feeling, passion... a really pleasure to hear his voice.¡ a must have album for all melodic fans !, classic jewel.

Back To Eden


Rock Sugar - Reimaginator - [2009]

¡ Let´s back to Melodic "Freak" Rock again !, this is a great ¿cover? album, mix two famous songs and see what happens ... The result of this crazy mix is an incredible hard release, great production, superb familiar songs and amazing arrangements. you can find inside a mix between Dont Stop Believing(Journey) with Enter Sandman(Metallica) or You Shook Me All Night Long(Ac/Dc) with Like A Virgin(Madonna) among others, a very totally surprising album.
Watch this video, Journey Meets Metallica ... ¡ Crazy Fuckin´great !


lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Giant - Promise Land - [2010]

¡ This will probably be one of the Melodic Rock highlights of the 2010 !, now with the great Terry Brock (Strangeways) on the vocals, superb melodic catchy songs, great production as ever, amazing musicians and of course an absolute awesome vocal work, for all who missing Giant and Terry now it´s time to enjoy it again. ¡ fantastic release !.


Gamma Ray - To The Metal - [2010]

Here is the new album of Kay Hansen and company, a release more oriented to Heavy sounds than the old power with epic choruses style, a band that seems to go slowly diluting release after release, we live in a hard times for power metal and they should have done a better record, too simple to be who they are, anyway... have a couple of good catchy songs.



viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Delain - April Rain - [2009]

¡ Fuckin´great !, Delain are the crowning jewel of second generation of symphonic melodic heavy metal. Without question Delain mimics the grandeur of the style in their arrangements which are both heavy and symphonic. Pounding rhythms, strong melodies graced with a full and bombastic sound , magnificient keyboards, power guitar riffs and the superb beautiful voice of Charlotte Wessels (a nice variation from all the dramatic and operatic singers in the genre) and of course a masterpiece production. if you like bands like Nightwish (Marco Hietala colaborates here) or Power Metal in general, this album drives you to insane. ¡ one of the really highlights of 2009 !.



jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

Amanda Scott - Lies - [Single 1988]

¡Totally amazing song!, this is a perfect example of 80´s European Hi-Tech with AOR touches.
A song full of rhythm, excellent melody, superb chorus and a great vocal work, This single only contains the song that gives name plus an extended version of the same song. ¡Masterpiece classic song !.

Lies (Single Version)


On The Rise - Dream Zone - [2009]

After six years comes the second album from Terje Eide and company, ‘Dream Zone’ comprises of thirteen very catchy melodic rock songs, which are all featuring fresh sounding guitar work and great vocals. if you like Melodic Hard/AOR don´t doubt, this release likes you sure.
I hope that they don’t take so long anymore next time!

Dream Zone


White Heat - We Never Heard Of You Either - [1989]

Good release from this Canadian band, 80´s AOR in the vein of Pseudo Echo or Softy Honeymoon Suite, an album with good vibes, catchy soft choruses and good songs to listen quietly and relaxed, maybe for some people this is going to be a little hard to diggest(You know...) but for me is a nice album to listen.

Crazy For You


miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

Nocturnia - Dias De Ceniza - [2009]

A really nice surprise this Spanish band last album, Melodic metal with great production, very good singer and a lot of feeling on his songs, pretty good and almost poetic lyrics(in Spanish), powerful catchy guitar rhythms and choruses.¡Great Band!

De Sol a Sol


FM - Wildside - [EP 2009]

A little advance of the long awaited album of Steve Overland and company, Melodic Rock to the bone, includes 1 new song, 2 new versions of old songs and 5 live songs, Amazing voice, superb songs.100% quality.



lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Mastedon - 3 - [2009]

New great release from John Elefante and Company, superb melodic AOR album filled with amazing rhythms, catchy choruses and really good vibes, of course with the awesome voice of Mr Elefante, a totally classic singer of the style ¡ an album with lots of feeling !

Revolution Of Mind


Rage - Into The Light - [Single 2010]

Two new songs and an old live song from the forthcoming Rage new album, you know rage, totally agressive guitar riffs from Victor Smolsky, true metal rhythms and the usually great melodic vocal work of Peavy Wagner, one of the greates bands of metal.

Into The Light


viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Anthem - Black Empire - [2008]

¡ Wow, They did it again !, totally superb Metal masterpiece. This Japanese guys have the metal in their blood, awesome songs from the start till the end, lightning metal guitar rhythms, powerful choruses lines, amazing vocal work (Eizo Sakamoto is a beast), fuckin´ stronger melodies, "no mercy" rhythm section, perfect balance between Japanese and English lyrics and of course a true metal attitude ¡ This band really rock´s !. if you like Melodic power metal and dont have perjudices about japanese metal, then you must have this jewel. I really love this guys.

( Watch the powerfull of this video, simply an amazing band in action, up the volume of your speaker and prepare to die with this perfect "pedal to the metal" song)
Heat Of The Night


Prophesia - Eye Of The Storm - [2007]

¡ Japan day on MelodicHeaven !, great release from this Japan band, a mix between European Melodic Power Metal and the Epic Anime style, always with a lot of melody, great majestic keyboards, catchy strong epic guitar rhtyhms and a singer full of feeling(Background screams are amazing), maybe the English pronunciation is not perfect but still very good, clear and clean production too.
Don´t think that this is Japanese, this is bad ! not at all, this is a great melodic album.



jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

AOR Soundtracks - Crystal Heart - [1986]

Another great classic 80´s Soundtrack release, 12 songs filled with superb catchy melodies, hooks and vibes, featured by a bunch of amazing singers like Dennis Churchill (White Sister), Baxter Robinson, Jay Ferguson or Andrea Robinson among others.¡ Great Album !

Crossing Over (Dennis Churchill)


Conquest - Empire - [2009]

Ukrainian Power Metal band which clearly doesn't avoid any clichés in its music but surprised me a lot with this release, Conquest is like a mix of Sonata Arctica, helloween and even the "New" Angra for the really fast tempo in the music, fast riffs, thundering drums, great vocal work, the keyboard is always present and play little melodies which will stay in your mind, the guitars solos are solid, the album is really well recorded and the mixing is not bad at all!.
f you're into classic mega melodic European Power Metal, Empire is a must! From the beginning to the end, the album features excellent catchy songs with great tunes.

It Begins From Your Heart


miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Heavenly - Carpe Diem - [2009]

¡ No band sounds like this French guys !, don´t expect agressive guitar riffs, Heavenly is what it is, a songs with poppy melodies, catchy Queen influenced high pitch vocal lines, experimental sounds and structures and above all an ultra cheesy and bombastic rhythms, basically they have created a new metal genre "Bohemian Rhapsody Metal".
Anyway... if you like Heavenly you now what you find in here, and if you are a Power fan probably love this album, for me this is great and they are one of the few bands that raise the power metal flag with honor and originality.¡ Great release !

A Better Me


Takayoshi Ohmura - Emotions In Motion - [2007]

Takayoshi Ohmura is a virtuoso guitar player, he's considered a kind of god in Japan but in the rest of the world is not well know. this is a great hard with neoclassical touches album with really good guitar riffs and rhtyhms, catchy melody lyrics and a pretty good singer with a lot of feeling.
I have good vibes with this man, i´ll be waiting for his new album.

When I Close My Eyes


lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Ancara - Chasing Shadows - [2009]

¡ Nice album !, a mix between Heavy/Rock and Melodic Metal, Finnish band, you know what i mean, good production, pretty nice vocal harmonies, catchy rhythms and choruses, great guitar work and a solid rhythm section.
Not the best band in the world but a good band to follow .



Harem Scarem - Mood Swings - [1993]

¡ Classic release !, One of the best albums ever made, high class production, superb melodies, amazing songs and a totally awesome vocal and guitar work, a really masterpiece of Melodic Rock, probably one of the top 10 albums of all times.

Change Comes Around


jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Brazen Abbot - Bad Religion - [1997]

¡ Awseome third release from the Bulgarian guitar virtuoso Nikolo Kotzev band !, Pure Hard rock from the beginning to the end featured by a bunch of the best musicians of the style, masters like Ian Haugland, John Leven and Mic Michaeli from Europe and Joe Lynn Turner, Thomas Vikstrom and Goran Edman on the vocals. Hard rhythms, unbelievable vocal work, awesome catchy songs and of course a totally superb guitar driving ¡ Hard Rock classic !



Skagarack - Hungry For A Game - [1988]

Fabulous AOR release; excellent production, tons of superb keys, great vocals, catchy melodies and choruses and an absolute amazing killer songs. A true sample of what Scandi AOR is, an absolute must have jewel. Totally classic album.¡ check it out !

Somewhere In France


miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

AOR Sountracks - Best Of The Best - [1989]

¡ Here it is !, Another great 80´s soundtrack, a collection of 9 superb AOR anthem´s songs.
Tracks with a lot of feeling, amazing rhythms and ultra catchy melodies of course, ¡ Is time to breaking bones !

Best Of The Best


martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam - [1990]

This was the first acoustic album made by a Hard Rock band, and its a release full of magic, talent and feeling, awesome unplugged versions of their hits.
Pure Hard attitude, great atmosphere, a bunch of pretty good songs and an inspirated band, a totally must-have album.One of the really great live albums ever.

Love Song


Bajel - Heavy Metal Opera - [2008]

¡ Let´s Back to the best Spanish Power Metal !, this is a Metal Opera based on Mares de Leyenda Novel, Featured by Spanish and Latinamerican musicians like Christian Bertoncelli (Renacer), Jaime Garcia (Abyss), Dani Milan (Furia Animal) or Pablo Garcia (Warcry) among others.
Great Metal release filled with strong cathcy heavy rhtyhms, thundering drums, superb guitar solos and a totally amazing melodic lyrics and harmonies, one of the last great spanish power releases.

Sueños Eternos


lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Last Autumn´s Dream - A Touch Of Heaven - [2010]

Last Autumn’s Dream have given us an excellent seventh studio release and it is a joy to listen to such talented work from four guys that know how to write excellent songs.
This CD should please all their fans and attract a whole new audience, LAD are an inspiration to the genre of all melodic rock and set the standard for others to follow.
If you like the style, then you know what you can find here, excellent choruses, superb vocal lines, great compositions, and a bunch of amazing musicians.

Caught In Between


domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Asfalto - Al Fin Vivos - [2009]

I´m back, sorry for the delay... This is a great live album from the Spanish Melodic Rockers Asfalto, a really good live performance with a superb sound production and arrangements, perfect quality in every instrument and a really nice voice and lyrics.
A totally magic live album, 2 cd´s filled with energy, feeling, attitude and great songs, 80´s Spanish style of course.

La Paz Es Verde