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viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned - [2010]

Kamelot's newest studio endeavor, Poetry For the Poisoned, is probably their most ambitious and diverse studio recording to date, is slower-paced, never really soaring past mid-tempo, and there's a lot of space. Riffs are not overly cluttered by speeding double bass or unnecessary shredding,Definitely recommended if you want to hear a good, deep, and slightly melancholy power/progressive metal album that rests on the strength of the songwriting and the cool, confident skill of each band member.

Hunter´s Season


Helloween - Are You Metal ? - [Single 2010]

Single with 3 songs from the forthcoming Helloween´s Album.

Raise The Noise


Jakks - Fuego En Tu Piel - [2008]

We´re back with an amazing album from Argentina (With Spanish lyrics), a solid bunch of 80´s Hard Rock/Hair Metal style with lot of attitude, great guitar rhythmns and destroyer tracks, ¡ check it out !