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miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

The Very Best Of Melodic Heaven - Volumen 1 -

Volumen 1 of a self-complilation of the very best music that you can find on Melodic Heaven blog, filled with bands like FM, Sunstorm, Strangeways or Mr.Big among others. A true classic songs with a lot of feeling, energy and passion. ¡ Enjoy it !

Shiva - The Chameleon -

H.E.A.T - 1000 Miles -


martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

AOR Soundtracks - American Anthem - [1986]

Another great soundtrack from the 80´s, a collection of nine soft AOR songs plus two instrumental tracks from the genius Alan Silvestri, A soundtrack performed by people like John Parr, Mr.Mister, Andy Taylor or Graham Nash among others.¡A release full of feeling!.

John Parr - Two Hearts -


lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Dark Sky - Believe It - [2000]

Excellent first release of the German Melodic Hard Rockers, European Melodic Hard Rock with AOR touches and of course a high pitch vocal style, awesome bombastic catchy rhythms and choruses and a total destroyer keyboard work. ¡ a true must have album !.

Rock Me


jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Boystown - Angels With Dirty Faces - [2005 Re]

¡ Great 80´s Melodic AOR jewel !, an album filled with great songs, catchy melodies, hooks, perfect rhythms, powerful voice and strong production. If you like Strangeways or Foreigner, check this. ¡ Awesome release !

Something In The Way You Touch


Brother Firetribe - False Metal - [2006]

Excellent First release of the band, It has everything, melody, overblown melodic lines, tasty vocals, keyboards that elevates the album, a few steps at the evolution scale, dressing the song, not as backing music, roaring guitars, hooks, power, passion, precision. Production crystal clear.
This is addictive, melodic hard rock, for the ones who enjoy music.

One Single Breath


miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Brother Firetribe - Live at Apollo - [2010]

Live Album (Not DVD) from one of the best bands of the moment, Excellent sound, perfect execution and superb songs, Enjoy.

I´m On Fire


Crazy Lixx - New Religion - [2010]

The twelve songs that are to be found on ‘New Religion’ are all very nice groovy hard rock songs with some sleazy elements here and there, very catchy songs with great guitar work (both in the riff and solo section) and mighty fine vocals, Excellent Release.

Rock And A Hard Place


jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Auras - New Generation - [2010]

‘New Generation’ captures a lot of the typical eighties A.O.R.-influences and especially influences from Journey, Survivor and Toto are easily recognizable. These aren’t exactly the least references of course and the quality level of the total offering is therefore also quite high. The songs are just great and the sound of the album is crystal clear. I myself am quite charmed by the voice of Gui Oliver, who reminds me in certain parts quite a lot of Steve Perry and Hugo Valenti. ‘New Generation’ proves to be a very enjoyable debut album of these Brazilian guys, which will definitely be capable of finding its way to the A.O.R. fans.

Reach Out


martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

N.O.W - Force Of Nature - [2010]

There are many great melodic tunes on Force Of Nature and just as many rockers but the key element here is Philip Bardowell, and the writing ability of Alec Mendonça. Philip Bardowell is sensational and really adds life to the songs.

Listen To Your Heart


viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Van Stephenson - Suspicious Heart - [1986]

¡ Melodic AOR jewel !, True charming album, romantic, exciting, groovy with extremely catchy melodies and the unbelievable voice of Van Stephenson, any fan of the style must have this one, a really classic masterpiece.

Fist Full Of Heat


jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Human Temple - Murder Of Crows - [2010]

Absent since 2004, Finland's Human Temple returns with their sophomore release Murder of Crows. This album continues their deliberate melodic rock course with some interesting twists to their repertoire, solid AOR melodic rock standards with efficient use of catchy riffs, harmonies and hooks, strong second effort from a polished and creative band with some tricks up their melodic rock sleeves. Very recommended.

Empty Stages


Treat - Coup De Grace - [2010]

After thirteen years of silence one of the best bands of the Swedish Melodic Hard/AOR scene has returned to the forefront of music business again,The great melody lines are back again, as well as the varied guitar work of Anders Wikström, as well as the characteristic and big background vocals, as well as the fantastic lead vocals of Robert Ernlund, as well as…as well as about everything that made Treat such a great Melodic band back then.

The War Is Over


lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Khymera - The Greatest Wonder - [2008]

The third album from Melodic Rock project Khymera is a roller coaster ride that never lets you catch your breath, sure there are slow, tender moments along the way but they suck you right in and involves you emotionally, just the way they should. ¡ fantastic release ! one of the best of 2008, filled with great guitar work, tons of superb keys and a perfect voice by Dennis Ward. a really must have album.



jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

AOR Soundtracks - Rich Girl - [1991]

An awesome 4 Melodic Hard Rock songs from the "Rich Girl" Soundtrack, Killer songs with the great Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, catchy, powerful, stronger and with a destroyer rhythms and melodies.

Love Strikes


Reckless Love - s/t - [2010]

¡ Explosive Release !, One of the albums of 2010 sure, Melodic Hard/Sleaze to the fuckin´bone.
An album full of great fuckin songs like "Romance", "Sex" or "Back To Paradise" among others, great catchy choruses and melodies with tons of 80´s feeling , outstanding guitar rhythms, superb voice and a totally unbelievable sound, Cheesy ?,sure. Cliche ?,maybe.Nothing new?, I guess so. Do i care?... Fuck NO !, awesome album.

Back To Paradise


FM - Tough It Out - [1989]

¡ High class Release !, One of the best Melodic Hard/AOR bands ever and one of the really greatest albums of all times, filled with a lot of feeling and catchy songs and of course with the personal and unbelievable voice of Steve Overland. And with one of the best sound productions ever made, if you call yourself a Melodic fan, you need to have this one. ¡ Highly recommended !

Bad Luck


martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

AOR Soundtracks - Volumen 3 -

Third volumen of a self compilation of AOR Soundtracks, a pretty nice 13 tracks from the movies of the 80´s and 90´s, a bunch of Melodic Hard and AOR calssic songs, great compositions with great Feeling, arrangements and rhythms from films like Teen Wolf, Cobra, Iron Eagle II or Streets Of Fire among others.

Win In The End - Mark safan - [Teen Wolf Ost]


Cornerstone - Once Upon Our Yesterdays - [2003]

Great European Melodic Hard/Metal album, with a strong and perfectly clean and clear production, a bunch of fuckin´hard songs, fantastic guitar rhythms and melodies and a superb Doogie White vocal work. amazing superband and awesome release.

Hour Of Doom