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viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Grand Illusion - Ordinary Just Won´t Do - [2004]

¡ Another brilliant Melodic Hard/AOR Release !, A little bit more heavier than the previous releases from the band, a bunch of ultra catchy and melodic songs, filled with hard guitar rhythms, superb lyrics and chorus lines and a great beautiful voice. Don´t doubt with this album, if you like the style, you probably love this one. ¡ Enjoy STE !.

Devil´s Advocate


jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

True Love - The Power Ballads -

Well, Another self-compilation of ballads, this time with 13 of the greates PowerBallads i´ve heard in my metal life, with bands and songs like Stratovarius (4000 Rainy Nights), Heed (Nothing), Iron Mask (My Eternal Flame) or Eternal Flame (Bridge To Your Heart) among others... If the first True Love compilation was full of feeling and emotion, this is filled with emotional fury. I hope you enjoy as much as I.

Sunrise - Love Will Set You Free -


SinBreed - When Worlds Collide - [2010]

Destroyer Power Metal Release !, Without doubt one of the best Power albums of the last years, Filled with hard metal and gallop riffs, strong melodic melodies, Thundering and no mercy rhythm base, totally catchy awesome chorus lines, guitar solos with a lot of emotion and feeling and a superb powerful and dirty vocal work by Herbie Langhans. All i love in Power Metal is here, i think this band is going to be one of the greatest in the style. ¡ very highly recommended !.
¡ Check it out this Power anthem !.

Newborn Tomorrow


miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire & Ice - [1992]

¡ Excellent Neoclassical Melodic Metal with American Hard Rock touches release !, a totally magic album filled with passion, energy and a lot of feeling, with superb guitar driving by The beast, amazing Goran Edman vocal work, tons of melodies, catchy rhythms and heavenly guitar solos. for me this is one of the best albums of the swedish guitar hero. ¡ Classic Stuff !



martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Mutiny Whitin - s/t - [2010]

The future of metal has finally arrived , packaged with hard driving guitars, technical prowess, intense sweep picking, melodic harmonies, and dichotomous metal vocals. Mutiny Within started out as a Children of Bodom cover band, and as a result, their first full-length album reflects the current infatuation with trite melodic death metal. ¡Strong Metal Album , Highly recommended !



Skin Deep - On The Rampage - [1992]

Very good German Melodic Rock release, A bunch of catchy songs with big keys, superb guitar work, 80´s chorus vibes and an amazing melodic songs.

Lonely Hearts


sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

Hinder - Take It To The Limit - [2008]

Very good stuff, One of the best albums of 2008, traditional Stadium Hard Rock with modern influences release with a strong focus on anthemic chorus, great guitar work, an amazing singer and a superb catchy party songs.

Heaven Sent


Melodic Hard/AOR Jewels - Japan Lost Tracks -

Another self-compilation, this time with 18 Melodic bonus tracks only released in Japanese album editions, with bands like Seventh Key, FM, Heart, Sunstorm or Bad Habit among others.
¡ Enjoy and Arigato !.

Gotthard - Speed Of Light [Need To Believe Bonus Track] -


viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

La Fase - s/t - [1994]

¡ One of the best AOR releases in Spanish ever (They are From Spain) !, a bunch of songs full of feeling, superb vibes and hooks, excellent catchy lyrics and compositions, ultra melodic rhythms, nice voice and amazing sound. if you are an AOR lover, you must have this album. ¡Classic AOR Jewel ! I really love this album.

Amor Sin Fin


True Love - Only True Love Lasts Forever -

Self-Compilation of 14 of the greatest Melodic Hard/AOR ballads of all time, with bands and songs like Fair Warning (All On Your Own), Garbo Talks (These Could Be The Night), Snake Charmer (Highway Of Love) or Dogface (I Will Be There) among others, ¿Are you in love? if the answer is yes, ¡ Check it out !, if the answer is no, don´t worry, ¡Love is in the air!.

Dogface - I Will Be There -


Conquest - Be My Light - [Ep 2010]

¡ Ukranian Metal Band Conquest are back with a 3 track EP !, As usually with massive destruction guitar riffs, Ultra catchy future modern keyboard sound and of course with a fury rhythms. ¡ The future of metal is here !(Available Empire Album on files)

Metal Wings


jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

BrokenHeart - Ojo x Ojo - [2003]

Amazing Melodic Hard Rock with AOR touches band from Argentina (Spanish Lyrics), take the sound of bands like Danger Danger, King Kobra or Pink Cream 69, mix them together and you get a superb Melodic Rock album like this, One of the greatest Albums with Spanish lyrics of all time filled with feeling, passion, melodies, harmonies ... Excellent Stuff.

Angel Alado


Talon - Fallen Angels - [2008]

United States Classic Melodic Hard Rock band, Powerful songs with sharp guitars, strong riffs and solos, fantastic keyboards, a lot of catchy compositions and perfect melodies. if you miss the 80´s Hard Rock and bands like Scorpions, Dokken or WhiteSnake,¡ Check this !.

Fallen Angels


martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Voodoo X - Vol.1 The Awakening - [1989]

Fuckin´great Melodic AOR album by Jean Beauvoir (Crown Of Thorns) and company, a lot of catchy songs filled with soul, energy, feeling and the usually superb vocal passion of Mr. Beauvoir. Hard rthythms with AOR touches everywhere. a true little jewel of the style, probably not so good as Crown Of Thorns but sure much better than most of the Crowns works.

Voodoo Queen


Agora - Zona De Silencio - [2005]

Excellent Progressive Metal release form this Mexican Band, an album filled with great arrangements, strong melodic melodies, solid rhythm, powerful lyric ( In Spanish ) work and above all an amazing feeling in every song, if you like Tercer Acto or Coda, they have the same quality but more oriented to progressive.

Una Sola Palabra


lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Brian McDonald Group - Desperate Business - [1987]

Great 80´s AOR gem !, very catchy rhythm songs, fantastic keys, a lot of good melodies and superb 80´s feeling. ¡ a true classic old style !, if you miss the 80´s you must have this one.

Highway Desire


Pyramaze - Immortal - [2008]

Pyramaze with Matthew Barlow (Iced Earth), This can be only amazing. Perfect strong Melodic Power Metal release, with a superb production, hard metal guitar riffs, awesome dark atmospheres, melodic pasages and a destroyer vocal work. Thumps up for Pyramaze for this great album that confirms the band on the kingdom of metal.

Year Of The Phoenix


AOR Soundtracks - Volumen 2 -

Second volumen of a self compilation of a AOR Soundtracks, a pretty nice 14 tracks from the movies of the 80´s and 90´s, a bunch of Melodic Hard and AOR calssic songs, great compositions with great arrangements and rhythms from films like Lock Up, Rad, The Lost Boys or White Nights among others.

John Farnham - Thunder In Your Heart - (Rad Soundtrack)


viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Planet Alliance - s/t - [2006]

Strong Melodic Metal album, perfect production sound, killer rhythms, soulful lyrics, superb guitar melodies and a totally awesome singer (Mike Andersson is a fuckin´beast), One of the greatest Eurpean Melodic metal releases of the last years.

Calling My Name


jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Sunrise - Liberty - [2008]

The first album of the Ukraninan Melodic Power band, as good as "Trust Your Soul", great fast guitar in the style of Stratovarius, with a singer full of feeling, catchy choruses and strong melodies, if you like her second album, don´t doub it, this is great too.

Born To Find


miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Age Sten Nilsen - Glamunition - [2009]

The solo album from Wig Wam singer Age Sten Nilsen A.k.a Glam, Don´t expect here the Melodic Hard Rock style from his mother band, this is above all a vocal release influenced by Glam, Pop, funky and a lot of Queen style. with great guest stars like Kee Marcello (Europe) or Ronnie Le Tekro (TNT), No strong guitars and Hard feelings, only the supreme singing majesty of this superb singer full of unique style. ¡ a really great album with great funny songs !

Not Gonna Stop Till I Get It


martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Titan - Steps - [Ep 2009]

Another great Sweden Melodic Hard/AOR young band, Just 6 tracks, ¡ but what a fuckin´tracks !, perfectly melodic vibes, catchy lyrics, superb keys and a totally 80´s feeling. a promise becomes a reality, if you love H.E.A.T style, ¡ Check it out !, hopefully we do not have to wait long time to hear a full length album.



lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Orden Ogan - Easton Hope - [2010]

This is one of the best albums i´ve heard in a long time, They practice a perfect mix between Folk, Power and Preogressive Metal but one step beyond, with great production, superb guitar riffs and rhythms, thundering drums, bombastic powerful choruses, strong catchy melodies, amazing atmospheres and great tempo variations, an album that drives you into a magic journey through the songs, the lyrics and the majestic compositions. an essential 2010 release. If you like Running Wild or Blind Guardian this blow up your brain...

Nobody Leaves


Royal Hunt - X - [2010]

¡ Highlight !, Totally awesome new release from Royal Hunt, Don´t expect The Mission/Paper Blood style, This is more oriented to 70´s Rock or Hard Rock. but don´t worry because is an album full of power, strong guitars and perfect melodies, for not to mention the fantastic vocal work of Mark Boals. No more Power Keyboards or Neoclassical style, Just Royal Hunt Style.¡Amazing Album!

End Of The Line


jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Sunrise - Trust Your Soul - [2009]

¡ Wow !, This is really great, if you like Power Metal ala Stratovarius, don´t read more, just download. ¡ this guys are from Ukrania !, unbelievable, the power rises from the east...
A release full of what i demand on power metal, great production, strong and fast guitars, solid rhythm changes, awesome keys, ultra catchy choruses and melodies, superb ballads, amazing Midtempos and a perfect clean and clear singer. for me this is one of the new best releases of the style without doubt. ¡ check it out the feeling of this song !.

Hey !


martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Devay - Break Down The Walls - [1992]

¡ Great Female Fronted Canadian Hard/AOR band !, Melodic song writing, good instrumental work with tight guitar riffs, solos, strong melodies and superb vocals. ¡ a must have !, a true little jewel.

Rock And A Hard Place


Celtika - Versions 1 Remixed - [2009]

Full album of covers from this band from Venezuela, 13 versions of great Rock and Metal classic songs, tunes like Forever Free (Stratovarius), Victim of Fate (Helloween) or Full Moon (Sonata Arctica), perfectly executed with good sound and above all a singer with a lot of possibilities.
Good stuff, I´m waiting for an entire original album.

The Final Countdown (Europe Cover)


Rage - Strings To A Web - [2010]

¡ Finally, the entire new album !, ¿ what can i say about rage ? ... Everybody knows the fury of this guys, ultra melodic lyrics with a strong true metal riffs of the fantastic Victor Smolski, "never retreat, never surrender", amazing production sound as always, great choruses and full of power rhythms. ¡ Rage are back with a vengeance !

The Edge Of Darkness


Astral Doors - Requiem Of Time - [2010]

New release from the swedish traditional heavy metal band, an album filled with strong metal guitar riffs, destroyer rhythm section, catchy powerful melodies and the unbelievable voice of the great Patrick Johansson. ¡ Heavy Metal is the law !... Thundering album.

Anthem Of The Dark


lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

H.E.A.T - Beg Beg Beg [Single 2010]

New H.E.A.T single from the forthcoming album. contains 2 tracks not available and 1 available on the new album. ¡ Fuckin´great as ever !.