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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Anthem - Black Empire - [2008]

¡ Wow, They did it again !, totally superb Metal masterpiece. This Japanese guys have the metal in their blood, awesome songs from the start till the end, lightning metal guitar rhythms, powerful choruses lines, amazing vocal work (Eizo Sakamoto is a beast), fuckin´ stronger melodies, "no mercy" rhythm section, perfect balance between Japanese and English lyrics and of course a true metal attitude ¡ This band really rock´s !. if you like Melodic power metal and dont have perjudices about japanese metal, then you must have this jewel. I really love this guys.

( Watch the powerfull of this video, simply an amazing band in action, up the volume of your speaker and prepare to die with this perfect "pedal to the metal" song)
Heat Of The Night


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