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miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts - [ 2009 ]

¡ Post dedicated to Chewa !
Well, I don´t really like Thrash, Death, Brutal Metal and similar styles but my friend Chewa told me to hang a release of the style for him, so here is...
The truth is that the record is not really bad, if they have another type of singer could be a great album, but in this case the voice is too harsh like the singers of Children Of Bodom or In Flames but worse.
In order, you can find inside basically a Power Metal with Thrash, Death and Black elements, good Viking atmospheric keyboards with a lot of battle rhythms, war melodies, strong metal guitar riffs and a burning rhythm section.
An album especially interesting for the orchestral and majestic atmospheres of the songs, if you don´t like the style probably get bored after the first listening.
Ale, ya tienes tu disco ¡ Disfruta Mamon !

Battle Upon The Arctic Plains


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