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miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Strangeways - Walk In The Fire - [ 1989 ]

¡ Let´s back to AOR !, This is one of the Top 3 best albums of all times, if not the best.
The songs, the amazing sound, the musicianship, the hooks, the harmonies, the vibe, the feeling, the unbelievable Out Of This World vocalist Terry Brock, this album have all the elements to be a music masterpiece.
An awesome performance song after song, one of the finest productions ever, the passion, feeling and the strenght of Terry brock is just fuckin´incredible. Every song is a high class and emotional hit. A really perfect AOR release, totally classic, words can´t describe how good is this album.
¡ I doubt that one day will make a record as good as this !
If you like the Melodic AOR this is a Must buy.

After The Hurt Is Gone


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